Cancellation and refund policy

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Luxury Ride Global Private Limited ("LRGPL," the "Company,") respects your decision to cancel a booking. This policy describes the process for any cancellation and its refund;

The Company believes in providing an experience and hence we have zero tolerance policy and respect the customer decision. The customer is not denied a right to cancel and full value of refund, within the stipulated guidelines. Accordingly, in order to get any refund, you just need to email us at [email protected]


A customer who makes an online booking, then he/she may cancel the booking;

  • Before taking delivery of Vehicle: A customer can cancel any number of bookings, by just writing an email, with the customer support, informing his discussion to cancel an order. The order will be cancelled with immediate effect.
  • After taking delivery: A customer may cancel any booking, if cancellation is made within 2 weeks or first 200 kilometres, as per ODO meter reading from taking the delivery. However, a refund is acceptable, if there is no alteration in the Vehicle or the Vehicle has not met an accident or where the Vehicle is returned, as per the specifications in which the delivery was accepted.

Refund mode/timelines

A refund processing upon stage of transaction and its reason. Please allow 7 to 10 working days for any credit to appear in bank account.

All payments made shall be subject to reduction, to reflect taxes or other charges required to be withheld by law.

Convenience fee or adjustment

  • While a cancellation is easy and refund process is quick, the Company may charge a convenience fee for any impulsive decision of the customer and shall adjust a convenience fee from the refund amount. The Customer provides its express consent for any adjustment from the refund claimed.
  • A refund of the complete booking amount can be considered, only if LRGPL does not meet desired expectation committed as time of booking. Accordingly, if there is any change in a subsequent requirement, post confirmation of the Parties, it shall be considered as second booking and a refund of booking amount may not be possible, and LRGPL reserves its rights to forfeit the booking amount from any refund amount. For clarity, if there is any excess amount paid, above the booking amount, it shall be refunded back to the customer.
  • In case where a person (the “Seller”) sells a vehicle to LRGPL and if the Seller is does not provide any accessory, at the time of delivery, then the Seller may at its option seek a week’s time (at discretion of LRGPL) to search and handover the said accessory substituted or reduce the value to get the replacement done for the accessory from the total consideration.
  • Accordingly, LRGPL shall hold the value of such accessory to wait for an agreed time (i.e a week), post which LRGPL shall get the accessory procured from the market and the Seller grants an express consent to adjust or charge from the Seller, the amount payable to the Seller.


In case of any displeasure or complaints regarding product, you may write to us @ [email protected]. While, where a complaint relates to a manufacturers’ warranty, we shall forward your request and will assist you regarding the same.

If the customer has any complaints, they can call us at our helpdesk @ +91 8410084100 or email us @ [email protected]