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What’s the difference between Used car and Certified Used car?

A certified pre-owned vehicle is a great option for anyone who wishes to buy a luxury dream car. It’s always good to take advantage of bumper sales and huge savings instead of purchasing a brand new car by making the complete payment.

The new car prices are touching heights all the time. While the late model of pre-owned cars are alluring the audience and tempting them to make the purchase. But, how do you evaluate what is good for you? The pre-owned luxury cars might save a few lakh rupees on the deal, but make sure you are buying the vehicle from a certified luxury car dealer.

The certified auto dealers are aware of their job and deliver the best services at your doorsteps. Also, it gives an opportunity of test driving and certified inspection of the vehicle before the sales. These vehicles come with extra benefits, warranties and buy back guarantees.

What do you mean by CPO?

Certified Pre-owned car is usually a vehicle that has mileage figures of more than 60,000 to 90,000 miles. It is an old vehicle refurbished to offer you a wonderful driving experience just like the new one. Pre-owned vehicles come with extended warranties from the date of inspection.

How CPO cars are different from ordinary used cars?

A CPO car can be repaired and undergo quality inspection before the purchase. While a used car is bought at a specific cost and does not include any repair services. Also, CPO vehicles offer warranties, buy back guarantee, insurance, lucrative finance options and many more.  

Nowadays, CPO vehicles are also offering road side assistance which is a feature usually seen in brand new cars.

“Factory-certified” programs are also designed to add a peace of mind while purchasing a pre-owned luxury car. To achieve the best sale experience , an automobile  dealer must offer lucrative discounts and advanced technology that meets the quality of the vehicle.

A non-certified used car has a very different story as it does not include any kind of warranty. The car must undergo an inspection and processing before making the purchase.

Is it worth it?

Many are alluring towards the pre-owned cars as it saves a lot of money and with certified used cars the risk is even less.

It’s always convenient to save your hard earned money with less history reliability, mileage numbers and old car model.
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