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Tips to evaluate a car’s conditions

Some people may advise you not to buy a pre-owned vehicle. But wait, it’s not at all a bad idea. With proper inspection, one can buy a certified pre-owned vehicle at your own desired cost. Finding such deals can be time-taking but if you grab it on time, then you are the lucky one.

Before putting your hard earned money think twice about it. Make sure you are done with your research and inspected everything. Remember, purchasing your dream car is a decision that must be taken from your brain than the heart.

We have brought some simple ground rules to evaluate the pre-owned car’s condition.

  • Research till you are satisfied
    Research is one of the most crucial stage of deciding what you really wish to buy.
    There can be many tempting offers that may divert your mind. But, remember to check, recheck and again check before taking any purchase decisions. Also, one must research the reliable source from where the buying will take place. Analyse and determine your vehicle requirement and select the type of car such as SUV, hatchback, Sedan etc.
  • Inspection before actual buying
    Inspection must take place into two stages such as Interior and Exterior. Observing the vehicle’s exterior will help you find out the damage, repainted sections and evaluate the finish. Interior inspection can be carried out by taking an auto engineer who would inspect the vehicle and let you know the exact condition of the vehicle.Also, if you are opting for a certified pre-owned car dealer like Luxury Ride, then you can leave all the inspection formalities with them. While they’ll provide you with the Manufacturer’s warranty and buy-back opportunities.

Before the final Go-ahead
After the inspection, don’t forget to bring down the cost of the pre-owned vehicle. Yes, we are talking about your bargaining skills. You can always talk to your dealer to provide you with an offer cost that can’t be denied. Keep a check of all the documents so that you are well aware of your car’s condition. Also, read the service book to know about the servicing history. Also, if everything fits in place, then you can go through a servicing session with your new pre-owned vehicle.

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is a demanding task, but if you are aware of the car’s history, mileage numbers, servicing history and complete paperwork, then half of your job is done.
Now how do you cover the other half?
Test Driving is the final Go ahead
Through test driving, you can evaluate how the car rides, accelerates, corners and brakes. Listen to the persistent noise and feel the vibrations that may cost you for further repairs in future.

Also, make sure that you are driving the vehicle at 60 miles per hour or above. As, some technical issues cannot be detected at low speed. Check whether the steering wheel vibrate at a high speed. Take a friend along who is an expert in detecting such technical issues during the test drive.
We hope such points will surely help you evaluate your used car’s condition. Keep reading and take up the right decision while purchasing your pre-owned asset.

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