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Know the checklist of documents before purchasing a used car

The used car industry is coming up with many choices. So, if you want to opt for a luxury car, then check the vehicle’s paper thoroughly.

Don’t worry! We are here to help you buy the best car. Let us know the paperwork required to buy any pre-owned vehicle. Though, purchasing a pre-owned car can be a tedious job. But, all you need is to keep the paperwork ready. Whether you buy a car from a dealer or an individual, there are few documents that must be transferred to the buyer’s name.

#1 Registration Certificate
Registration Certificate well known as RC is one of the most essential documents that give an overview of the car. It includes all the information of the vehicle such as engine number and chassis number.  If you are planning to buy a car from another state, you will need to get the same registered there.

#2 Insurance

Getting insurance in your name will help you claim in case of any accident. Also, remember the premium of the policy, regular paid instalments and the expiry date of your insurance. Always insure that the car must get a third-party insurance.

#3 Form 32 & 35:
Evaluate that the vehicle you wish to buy is not keeping any pending loans for you. Before the purchase, you need to check with the seller about these documents if he/she has taken a loan from a financer or a company. Get no-objection certificate from the financer saying that the entire loan has already been paid off.

#4 Service Book
The service book will reveal the condition of the vehicle. But how do we evaluate the condition? Well, this is quite simple. If a vehicle’s history includes timely servicing though an authorised car centres then it is understood to be in a good condition.

#5 Road Tax Receipt      

The road tax is a one-time payment ideally paid by the first buyer at the time of registration. The road tax amount can cost you lakhs of rupees if not paid on time. The new owner may have to bear the penalty cost. So, always remember to get the road tax receipt.

#6 Vehicle purchase invoice

A certified pre-owned car dealer will help you with all the printed bills of your smart new vehicle. However, this seems difficult if you are purchasing the vehicle from an individual.

# 7 Dual fuel certification

Usually, the cars are now modified to run over two types of fuels. In such cases, you can always demand for dual fuel certification and an NOC from RTO, which gives a go ahead to run on both the fuels.

Buying a pre-owned vehicle from an individual seller of a certified dealer comes with its own pros and cons. You may have to run behind the seller for all the above documents. While, a certified pre-owned car dealer will help you organize these documents just before the purchase of the vehicle.
You can trust Luxury ride, a leading pre-owned car dealer for all the important documents and quality delivery of the vehicle.  You can now select the best pre-owned luxury car and take a wonderful driving experience at your own convenience and price.


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