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Things to know about a Certified Pre-owned Luxury Car

Certified pre-owned luxury cars are quite popular among the buyers who wish to purchase at the minimum risk and cost.
Can any vehicle be called as a certified pre-owned car? Absolutely not! The car has to undergo inspection at the manufacturer’s place. But prior to that, a car must have a specific age and number of mileage. The certified vehicle includes an additional coverage from the manufacturer.

Is your vehicle really certified?

How can you check if your vehicle is certified or not? Is it a dealer certification or a pre-owned manufacturer certification? 

These questions will help you buy the right product. Usually the dealers take the vehicle and check it internally and call these vehicles certified. But these does not include in the category of CPO. The luxury car can be called as a CPO vehicle only when it undergoes an inspection and certifies a limited warranty.

How different is CPO programs?

The warranty of the vehicle depends on the CPO program coverage. It can be divided into limited components warranty. Hence, it becomes really important to understand the program offered by the dealer.

So if you are planning to buy a pre-owned luxury vehicle, then recheck the CPO program and evaluate the inspection points used by the manufacturer. Usually their checklist includes more than 150 points and also evaluates the vehicle’s history. It’s always safe to ask the dealer about the CPO checklist in order to be absolutely sure about the program and the vehicle you are looking for.

CPO warranties can act as a saviour in case of huge damage cover. But again, it depends on your program and the type of vehicle you are opting for. Usually, the warranty involves a specific number of years or mileage figure i.e. Vehicle cover is active for a specific time period and upon that period the buyer is not liable to any benefits. 

Are you ready to find the best?
Certified Pre-owned Vehicle will demand a little more cost than a non-certified used cars. This is surely beneficial to the buyers yet the selection of the vehicle will depend on your pocket and preference. You can always compare the cost of the CPO vehicle than that of the same model used vehicle by just deducting the actual used car cost from any CPO vehicle. This way, you’ll be able to know the approximate price of the CPO program.

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