5 Luxury Cars you can buy at an affordable cost


Do you wish to buy a new stylish car? But, your tight budget is not allowing you to explore the premium brand car models. You can explore the top models of the pre-owned cars collection and you won’t get disappointed with their impeccable designs and cutting-edge technology.

Pre-owned luxury cars suffer a higher depreciation in the automobile industry; with premium models are often seen slashing their prices up to 50 % for its sale. Of course, this is one of the most excellent news for all those who wish to own a top-class second hand model.

Well, who can deny buying a pre-owned luxury vehicle at an affordable cost? You can make your selection from the inventory of Luxury ride, one of the best pre-owned car dealers in India. Not only the specifics of the car are mentioned with transparency but also the warranty time period is specified clearly. Luxury Ride offers great deals and also claim the 15 day money back guarantee if you get a technically faulty car.

Take a look at Luxury Ride’s top Certified Pre-owned cars and why they are added in their exclusive collection.

  1. Mercedes Benz E- 350 Petrol
    Since years, Mercedes E class have been popular in the automobile market for its sedan look and ultimate technology. E-class offers various features and top class quality to the buyers. The great interiors and comfort will come in just fifteen lakh which is way below the actual price.
  2. Audi Q5 3.0 V6

This SUV style runs effortlessly on diesel. The powerful engine and the black colour of the body make it look like a complete beast on the roads. Perfect grab for the ones who are looking for a heavy and classy built in just 19.75 lakh.

  1. BMW 118d corporate

The hatchback style orange coloured car is a unique style to have. The engine of the car which works on diesel will give you a smooth and fast run on the highways. This luxury is now available online in a killer price of seventeen lakhs which is worth the money.

  1. Porsche Macan Turbo

The black coloured, automatic transmission SUV type of body style is now available at an affordable range. Porsche is a very rare sight on the roads. And getting this car of 2016 model for yourself will make you experience the posh style with the modernized technology.

  1. Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 TDI V6

The automatic transmission, SUV body style comes in greyish black colour with sun proof. The engine uses diesel, has a long life and attains a good mileage. In an affordable price of 15.5 lakhs, the car is worth every penny to flaunt every time you are on road.

The good thing about all the pre owned cars at Luxury Ride is that it needs an eye of an eagle to tell it is the used car. This means that when you are enjoying your luxurious ride, you are making a statement of carrying a brand new car. The lavish rides will always give you a feel of celebrity. So, don’t wait and put your enquiry today.

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